Introducing my latest book, entitled...

"Relationship Compatibility Checklist"

Is it time to move in, move out, or run for the hills?

"Relationship Compatibility Checklist"?
"the ultimate red-flag finder"

Whether you're single, dating, or married, whether you read this book alone or share it with another, you can learn more about yourself, a partner, or potential love interest, in a fraction of the time compared to dating for weeks, months, or years, or being married for decades. View this video and learn two of the biggest reasons why relationships fail, and how to avoid them. Join me in helping make the world a nicer, kinder, more compatible place, one couple at a time. Enjoy.

Thinking Matters
Thinking Matters

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Written for anyone
making or reevaluating
any major life-changing decision,
especially those concerning intra- and inter- personal relationships,

Relationship Compatibility Checklist

such as ...

• Committing to a dating relationship
• Moving in with a love interest
• Getting engaged
• Setting a wedding date
• Getting married
Picking a life or business partner
•  Signing a lease with a roommate
• Considering divorce or ending a relationship

What is the...
Relationship Compatibility Checklist?

Relationship Compatibility Checklist

To all thinkers, doers, lovers & dreamers:

What is it?

  • In general, it's a fun, easy to use tool designed to provoke thought and stimulate conversation to help you, the reader, make or reevaluate the most important decisions of your life, especially those concerning your inter- and intra-personal relationships, decisions like, is it time to move in move out, or run for the hills. By making better relationship decisions, more couples will avoid divorce and instead have a better shot at creating a long-term happy marriage. By reading the book you will learn more about yourself than you could even imagine. Share the book with a partner, or a potential romantic interest, and you will find yourself saying over and over, "If only I knew then what i know now."

  • Note, that unlike most books on relationships, this is not a rules or advice book. Instead it’s a unique and fun approach to determining the compatibility of a current or potential relationship. Also learn whether the relationship you have with yourself is compatible with the life you envision to live? It can also help you find the 'love of your life,' or rediscover the love you and your partner had and can share again.

  • Use this book, especially, to learn more about a potential relationship, emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically, in a matter of hours or days instead of wasting weeks, months or years dating and vetting a relationship that may doomed from the outset or offers no meaningful future. The secret is communication; talk, talk and talk some more. This book makes it easy to talk openly and honestly about anything and everything.

  • More specifically, it’s a book of over 700 hundred stimulating, thought-provoking questions organized under 23 categories of life. These questions will expand your self-awareness and crystallize your thinking about life, and how that thinking intertwines with your relationship status.  It's a self-help head-trip through life, an adventure for your mind, and a fun home-party game, plus a great gift item.

  • In summary, whether you're married, coupled, single, divorced, widowed, or never married, this book will help you make life and relationship decisions with enlightened self-confidence.

Six Ways This Book Can Help You
  • Whether single, divorced, widowed, coupled, married, or unmarried; whether you read this book alone or share it with a current or potential partner, this book will help you do six things (also see summary):
1. Rethink Past Relationships
  • View your past relationships from a new, non-defensive perspective; learn from those relationships, and put the past to bed.

2. Appraise A Current Relationship
  • Is life a playground or battleground? Relationships should be fun. If yours is not, you’re doing it wrong, or with the wrong person, or you're their wrong person. In any case, the question is, how long does it take to know someone's character?

  • Begin by asking yourself, are you made for each other? Are you on the same page intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically, regarding your attitudes about life, relationships, and your worldview?

  • If your relationship is in trouble, consider a compatibility re-evaluation and reconciliation. The goal is to save and rebuild your relationship, or end it civilly. It's time to decide, is it time to move in, move out, or run for the hills? Either way, make a commitment. Procrastination can be highly stressful and very anxiety producing.

  • So, how will you know if you and your partner are compatible? Although there is no practical way to keep score, you will know in your gut. Your trust and confidence in your feelings will come as a byproduct of discussing and thinking so clearly about such a wide breadth of issues germane to life and relationships.

  • To the question of honesty, how will you know if your partner is being truthful. See below for How Do You Get To The Truth.

  • One interesting test of compatibility is whether your partner is open to reading a book on 'relationship compatibility,' whether together or separately. If they are not open to it, even though there is no dogma or rules to follow, and no right or wrong answers, you might have to wonder, why the reluctance, hmm?

3. Evaluate A Potential Relationship
  • By intelligently screening a potential partner, this book can help you find the love-of-your-life, or avoid making the biggest mistake of your life. In either case, it will help you make relationship choices that last, or help you to quickly exit relationships that are doomed from the start.

  • As with evaluating a current relationship, the question is, how will you know if you and a potential relationship are truly compatible?

  • To the question of honesty, how will you know if your partner is being truthful. See below for How Do You Get To The Truth.

  • In short, learn more about a prospective partner in a matter of hours or days versus wasting weeks, months, or even years, dating and vetting a relationship that offers no future. No longer will you have to say, “If only I knew then what I know now."

4. Interview And Profile Yourself
  • Get into your own head. Take some time out to think calmly and clearly about your life and relationships. Discover whether the relationship you have with yourself is compatible with the life you envision to live?

  • Discover how unique you really are. Know yourself, your wants, goals, needs, and preferences, as well as your deal breakers, or any other problematic relationship issues that call for transparency, before deciding if you’re compatible with someone else.

  • Learn more about yourself, from yourself, than you could ever imagine. By increasing your self-awareness, self-knowledge, and embracing your uniqueness, your self-confidence and self-esteem will rise, as a byproduct.

  • You really are your own BFF. As such, don't let your best friend make a bad relationship decision, if it can be avoided. This book can help you do just that.

5. Overcome The Fear Of Commitment
  • Read with a partner and you will know whether you’re ready to take the plunge for a long or lifetime commitment.

  • I believe this book can help couples who would like to get married, but hesitate to commit out of fear. By working and playing with this checklist, couples are better able to face and resolve, in advance, the troublesome issues that many people fight over, argue about, or get divorced over. Doing this openly and honestly in a non-defensive setting can give a hesitant couple the courage and confidence to jump in and begin the adventure of their life.

6. Make Better Life And Relationship Decisions
  • Whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether your relationship is perfect or rough around the edges, this book will help you examine your values, beliefs, and preferences, so you can make life and relationship decisions with enlightened self-confidence, without buyer’s remorse or second-guessing. In the end, the goal is to avoid the emotional turmoil and financial costs of divorce and starting over.

Who Wrote This Book? 
  • Thoughtfully Yours.

  • My name is Mel Solon, I’m 80 years young. I’ve been in the motivation, personal-development field since 1971. Prior to that, I was a CPA and a stockbroker. After five tax seasons, I was taxed to my limits. After watching the stock market crash during training, I began navel-gazing and contemplating my future. Soon thereafter, I discovered the self-development field.

  • My background, besides my 48 years of research in the personal development field, includes lessons learned in my 50-year marriage to Bryna, often my business partner, plus my inspiration for writing this book.

  • Bryna passed three weeks after our 50th anniversary, following a courageous battle with ALS, with me as her 24/7 caregiver.

  • For you romantics, we met on a Friday at a singles dance at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, got engaged 3-days later on Valentine’s Day, and married 3-weeks later in Vegas.

  • Click for a more complete background.
How This Book Works
  • Using the Socratic method, this book on the dynamics of interpersonal relationships works almost magically.

  • The Socratic debate is  "a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions."
  • Whether alone or with a partner, by simply addressing and critically examining this comprehensive checklist of thought-provoking questions and talking points, you will begin to see life and relationships from a new perspective. Super-organized and categorized under 23 categories of life, these issues are those that people argue and fight about, end dating-relationships over, and even divorce. 

  • As a result of reading this book, your self-awareness will expand and the dialogues in your mind will be stirred and enhanced. A deluge of options and alternatives to many of life’s problems and questions will surface, and flow effortlessly from your core. 

  • You will discover answers to questions about your future — questions you may have never thought to ask — questions that may be controversial or sensitive to broach, but need answering — questions you may not know how to answer, at this time, but you will know that the answers are coming, because the mind doesn't like unanswered questions — plus, questions that wil inspire self-motivated changes in your life and the way you think.
Why This Book Works
  • The book works because the 'question-approach' works. By simply asking the right questions, you will discover answers to many of life's challenging problems, puzzles, and predicaments.

  • It works, also, because it accomplishes what it does without a single should, ought, must, or have-to. It doesn't tell you how to think, but only what to think about.

  • The book, therefore, is nonjudgmental, non-defense provoking, and non-intelligence insulting. There are no right or wrong answers, just your opinions as starting points for discussions with a partner or within yourself, about practically anything and everything.
How To Approach The Questions
  • The questions are answered Y-N (Yes No)  —  T-F (True False)  —  A-B-C (Multiple Choice) — NI (Non-Issue)  —  PC (Potential Conflict)  —  DB (Deal Breaker). 
  • Whether you’re in a relationship or not, answer first for yourself, then ask yourself, how would you feel if your partner or a potential partner were to choose differently, or the opposite?

  • If reviewing with a partner and areas of disagreement arise, engage your sense of humor, remain calm, and discuss your differences civilly.

  • Whatever you feel about an entry, be careful not to underestimate the value of what may appear to be a petty or trivial issue. You’d be surprised, or maybe not, at how little it can take to start an argument, reveal a difference of opinion, or a discover a deal breaker. A discussion of these minor issues can sometimes be quite revelatory.

  • Keep in mind there are no absolutely right or wrong answers, just your subjective opinions expressed as a starting points for deliberation or discussion.

How Do You Get To The Truth?
  • How do you handle a partner or potential partners's answers that may not be truthful?

  • The fact is everyone lies to some degree, by omission, exaggeration, and sometimes intent. Sometimes we do so to protect another’s feelings. At other times, we do so in an attempt to think well of ourselves.

  • It's also a fact that you may never know for sure if your partner is telling the truth. However, because of the comprehensiveness of this checklist, the unique structuring and ordering of the questions, inconsistent, perhaps deceptive answers will reveal themselves. At any rate, you will have a pretty good idea if your partner is being less than open and honest, or someone who, on balance, you can trust.

  • The question of course is can you ever really and truly know someone? Of course not, you only know them to the extent they want to be known, but this book, this checklist can get you closer than you could ever imagine.

What Is The Goal & Purpose Of This Site?
  • Fix the couple, fix the world.

  • Fixing the world requires that we have to first fix the core unit, the starting point of all relationships, the “couple.” Happier marriages, happier children, happier, also, is everyone they touch. After all, how can we expect countries, which are but collections of families, to get along, when couples can’t, evidenced by an often cited 50% divorce rate.

  • If that’s not bad enough, consider that of those still married, many of them wouldn’t be, if it were not for the children, religion, money, insecurity of either or both partners, or some other obstacle to divorce?

  • My goal is to turn battlegrounds into playgrounds, cell mates into soul mates, in order to dramatically reduce the divorce rate and increase the happy marriage rate. How, by helping people make better relationship choices, and by saving relationships that need a little help. As an inevitable byproduct, the world will become less plagued with sarcasm, stone-cold silence, passive-aggressiveness, resentment, distrust, and anger. I believe this book can contribute to this goal by getting partners to engage in rare, open, honest communication.

  • Overall, the goal of my products is three-fold: 1. To help people be happy, happier, or less unhappy. 2. To help each of us feel good about ourselves. 3. To make the world a better, kinder, happier place. What more can you ask for?
How You Can Help
  • If you find my book sufficiently interesting, provocative, or enjoyable, I would love your support in helping to reduce the divorce and domestic violence rates and increase the happy marriage rate, either by buying the book or sharing this message. Either way, you will be part of a worldwide movement to help make the world a better, kinder, happier place.

  • See reviews  at

  • Note 1: Bryna recorded a 9-minute audio introduction to The Mighty Mind Expander where she explains what it was like to hear the words “you have ALS, a terminal disease with no cure on the horizon.” It’s thoughtfully and surprisingly upbeat. Give it a listen.

  • Note 2: Thought for the day from my first book Quotations To Help You - From Out of Their Minds“Love and humor are the soul’s weapons in the fight for self-preservation.”Dr. Viktor E. Frankl

  • Note 3: May the laws of nature, physics, statistics, and karma bless you. —T.Y.


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How this book can help you...summary.

    1. Approach an attractive individual confidently and begin a comfortable, intelligent conversation about relationships using this book as an ice breaker, without the need for a stale pickup line.
    2. Find the love-of-your-life, or rediscover the love you and your partner had and can share again. Understand why "the grass isn't always greener."
    3. Vet and learn more about a potential romantic partner in a matter of hours or days versus spending weeks, months, or even years in a dating relationship that may be either doomed from the start or offers no meaningful future.
    4. Overcome the fear of commitment by learning so much about each other on the front-end that you’ll feel confident you’ll be able to handle almost anything life may throw your way.
    5. Interview and profile yourself to learn whether the relationship you have with yourself is compatible with the life you envision to live.
    6. Understand your past relationships and why they didn’t work. Avoid those mistakes and many, many more that you are not likely to foresee without this book. Also, help your adult children avoid these same issues, so that neither you nor they will ever again have to say, "if only I knew then what I know now.”
    7. Uncover hidden resentments or other obstacles that prevent your current relationship from reaching its full potential, especially related to  open, honest communication and trust. Discuss questions and issues that you might otherwise be afraid to broach and watch the tension dissipate.
    8. Discover wonderful, interesting things about each other that you might never have known otherwise.
    9. Use  this book as  a self-therapy tool or as a complement or supplement to professional help. Turn your battlegrounds into playgrounds.
    10. Make better life and relationship decisions. Avoid the mistake of marrying the wrong person, or learning, too late, that you were their wrong person.
    11. Beat the divorce statistics which generally offer only a 50-50 chance of having a long-term successful marriage. Note that this statistic doesn't include those who might want a divorce but hesitate because of the children, religion, money or the insecurity of one or both partners.

Sample Reviews — One For Each Product

Relationship Compatibility Checklist

"This book about relationships is the most comprehensive guide to uncovering potential partnership issues due to differences in values, goals, needs or desires. Use this checklist to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with making poor relationship choices. Make it fun but get to the real issues of your potential partner's personality, and then decide, using the adult part of your brain, if you have enough in common to be in a fulfilling relationship, instead of discovering months or years later that you never really knew what you were getting into."

- Barbara S., Real Estate Broker

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- Gabriela Sadigursky, Social Security Administrator

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Not only, does it not moralize, it doesn’t try to change the way you think. It will, however, put your thinking into clearer perspective.

The pacing was totally comfortable. His voice and timbre were calm and engaging, never forced. Being easy to listen to, and relevant to my day to day life, it not only helped me clarify my direction, it positively impacted my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spirituality.

In the last 5 years, I’ve listened to at least 40 audio self-help products. This is by far the most helpful and most relevant of them all."

- Charlie Cox, Team Gleason

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  • Develop Your Psychological Resilience
  • Discover the Key to Premeditated Happiness
  • Solve Problems and Make Decisions More Wisely
  • Manage Relationship Conflicts More Effectively
  • Handle Criticism and Rejection More Intelligently
  • Handle Failures and Disappointments like a Mensch


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