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Quotations To Help You
From Out of Their Minds

The most extraordinarily useful and useable book of quotations that you and your mind could ever benefit from.

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"Your book is such a great reference source. I use it extensively. It's easy to use, well organized, and the quote selections are fabulous. I recommend this book to anyone who is under time constraints, is a life-long learner, and enjoys sharing great books."
Gabriela Sadigursky, Social Security Administrator

"Although I've been exposed to the language of self-development over the years, I'm really glad that my mother got this book for me as a gift, because reading up to 20+ quotes per day from the quotations book is helping me to stay positive each day so I can achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams on my journey to becoming an outstanding math professor."
Zackaria Movahedi, CSUN 3rd Year Math Student

"The Mighty Mind Expander and the book of quotations are the culmination of the Solon’s life’s work in motivational self-development. These highly effective resources will spark your creativity and bring the world’s greatest thinkers into your everyday life through their words of wisdom. I have personally found their work extremely helpful. The quotes help me put into words what I am visualizing and make the task of expressing complex ideas more manageable and rewarding! Thank you Mel & Bryna for your masterpiece!"
Martha Fritz, Owner / Director of Creations Fine Art & Design 

"As a person who frequently makes public speeches, this is the most valuable, user-friendly book of quotations I have ever seen.I am extremely impressed with the variety and depth of quotes on each subject."
Carolyn B., Chemical Dependency Counselor

"The book provides a guide to recognized universal truths, and acts as a barometer to measure our awareness and consciousness of what we really think is important in life."
Tobey D., Wedding Planner

"If I had known I was going to get this book as a gift when I left office, I would have left sooner."
Barry G., Attorney, Ex. Mayor, City of Calabasas

"This one volume complete reference dictionary of quotations, compiled from multiple references, is a must for everyone’s library. You will discover a world of quotes to fit any occasion. Fun, easy and exciting to use; you’ll find it hard to put aside once you start using it. It’s not only an academic reference volume, it’s an entertaining self-help book as well."
Joe C., Printing Executive

"Thank you for all of the knowledge I’ve gained from your seminars. To this day I am applying the goal-setting and time-management principles I learned from you years ago. It’s been exciting watching your book come together. The 8,000 quotes cover every aspect of life and the index makes it so simple to find the most helpful quote. This book should be required in all schools, libraries and offices to improve the lives of the population. Thank you for creating such a beneficial tool."
Ron W., Owner International Corp.

"A must for any writer, manager or spokesperson. In one volume you can find all the truth and wisdom necessary to carry you into the new millennium. The selections are positive and enlightening and bring a message of strength and hope. The index which includes a second-level index and a cross-reference index is so all-encompassing that any subject, thought or idea can be referenced and expressed in the perfect quote. Mel Solon has perfected the quotations reference book."
Russell W., Painter / Illustrator / Cartoonist

"So far, I've purchased seven Quotations To Help You books. Two for our family and five for very well received gifts. I love it.
Steve Mason, Medical Device Researcher and Developer

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