The Mighty Mind Expander

Quotations To Help You

From Out of Their Minds

The most extraordinarily useful and usable book of quotations that you and your mind could ever benefit from.

What is it?

A 90-minute audio seminar download - a condensation of  Why Not?, our past, live, 40-hour, personal-development seminar. It's about ageless wisdom, attitude, self-development, the thinker's edge, success, motivation, and premeditated happiness.


One of My Favorite Testimonials

Charlie Cox, Team Gleason
"My name is Charlie. I am a 25-year-old young professional. When Mel first came to me about The Mighty Mind Expander, I was skeptical as I am of many preachy, self-improvement type seminars. After listening to the entire 90 minute program I was blown away.

Not only, does it not moralize, it doesn’t try to change the way you think. It will, however, put your thinking into clearer perspective.

The pacing was totally comfortable. His voice and timbre were calm and engaging, never forced. Being easy to listen to, and relevant to my day to day life, it not only helped me clarify my direction, it positively impacted my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spirituality.

In the last 5 years, I’ve listened to at least 40 audio self-help products. This is by far the most helpful and most relevant of them all."

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Bryna's Inspiring and Uplifting Introduction To...

The Mighty Mind Expander

"I loved it. It made my heart smile."

Carmela D.

"Unbelievable testament to the power of positive thinking and a life affirming attitude."
Tobey D.

Click here to hear Bryna’s introduction to this mind-expanding,
thinking experience, recorded shortly after she started to lose her voice.

"A mind once expanded by a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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