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Have You Ever Presided Over a Meeting and Wished You Had Esp?

Now you can with EPS™

Imagine asking your people 25 questions (samples below) and getting not only honest, anonymous answers, but having them glad you asked?

Electronic Polling System

The System
EPS™ enables leaders, managers, trainers and other group facilitators to receive real-time, anonymous, honest feedback from up to 45 participants in a classroom or up to 10 participants at a conference table, perfect for board, sales, and association meetings, or for conducting seminars, surveys, and focus groups.

Display Panel
The groups' answers to polling questions are instantly and electronically summarized, ready for display on a panel of LED lights. When all votes or responses are in, a display button is pushed to reflect the number of people who have pressed A, B, C, or D. Since no specific LED light is connected to any particular polling terminal or button, participants are afforded complete anonymity. The result is the truth!

Polling Terminal
A four-button, input terminal, shielded for complete privacy, allows each participant to anonymously answer any question yes or no, true or false, or with any or all of four multiple choices

Why EPS™

Because it's the only way to conduct anonymous, honest, real-time polling. This means you can revise, clarify, qualify and reword polling questions
on the fly. This makes the polling session more interactive and engaging,
and the responses more relevant. Plus, it's more fun and exciting for those
being polled. The anonymity, of course, allows the participants to express themselves without having to expose themselves. The truth shouldn't have
to hurt; and to make good decisions you need to know the truth.

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Sample Questions

1. Which of the following do you believe will have the greatest impact on a company's success or failure?

A. the clarity of its vision and its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

B. its ability to dramatically increase sales, raise productivity, reduce costs

C. the ability of management to motivate, inspire, train, and develop its people

D. its ability to gain and retain a "slight-edge" advantage over its competition


2. Which of the following would most help to improve your ability to perform your job at outstanding, exceptional, extraordinary levels?

A. better tools and improved or state-of-the-art equipment

B. more sophisticated software and improved databases

C. more training re: time-management, planning, and  personal organization

D. more management support, a more open-door approach

3. Which of the following can you do to most assure the success of your company?

A. continually develop my skills and competencies

B. regularly offer suggestions on how to improve operations to save time, money, or materials

C. be more cooperative relative to communicating and sharing information

D. care more, work more creatively
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