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My name is Mel Solon. I’m 80-plus years young. I’ve been in the motivation, personal-development field since 1971. Prior to that, I was a CPA and a stockbroker. After five tax seasons, I was taxed to my limits. When the stock market crashed during broker training, I saw it as a sign and began navel-gazing and contemplating my future. Soon thereafter, I discovered the self-development field.

I am not  a therapist, a psychologist, nor a spiritual leader, though much of what I share is spiritual in nature. What I am is an exceptionally good organizer who has spent a half century collecting, organizing and sharing practical self-help knowledge through my live seminars, my personal organization system, my 90-minute audio seminar,  and my two books. All of my products are organized in ways that only an anal-retentive, former CPA could imagine.

My first book, “Quotations To Help You—From Out of Their Minds” contains 8,540 screened quotations of ageless wisdom, organized and indexed under 1,500 keywords. Intellectual, motivational, and therapeutic, this compendium of thought on human potential is like thousands of psychology, philosophy, and self-help books all rolled into one. I believe you'll find it to be the most extraordinarily useful and useable book of quotations that you and your mind could ever benefit from.

My second book, the “Relationship Compatibility Checklist,” a relationship handbook for thinkers, was written and recently published to honor Bryna, my departed beloved wife, best friend, and business partner for much of our lives. 

For you romantics, we met on a Friday at a Beverly Hilton Hotel singles dance, got engaged three days later on Valentine's Day, and married three weeks later in Vegas.

Author and Wife

Bryna  passed in 2016, weeks after our 50th anniversary, following a courageous battle with  ALS ,  Lou Gehrig’s Disease , a terminal, degenerative, motor-neuron illness with no current cure. Never having had kids, I was her 24-7, full-time caregiver for the last years of her life. She was my life, my motivation, and my inspiration for writing this book.

Knowing something about compatibility and the value of making a marriage work, Bryna and I intended, early on, to someday write a book on relationships.

Our long career in the self-development field had reaffirmed that at the heart of fulfilling, long-lasting relationships is a ton of kind, open, honest communication with ourselves, our partner, and close family and friends. Our goal — increase the happy marriage rate, reduce the divorce rate, and save people from the heartache of saying, “If only I knew then what I know now.”

While she is no longer here physically, I recently committed to fulfill our intention to write a book on relationships. Based on lessons learned in a 50-year marriage, plus almost a half-century of research on the subject of personal growth, the Relationship Compatibility Checklist is the result — a fun, easy to use tool designed to provoke thought and stimulate conversation about life and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

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