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Dear Visitor,

My name is Mel Solon, I’m 78 years old. I’ve been in the motivation, personal-development field since 1971. Prior to that I was a C.P.A. and stockbroker. After five tax seasons, I was taxed to my limits. After watching the market crash, I began naval gazing and contemplating my future. Soon thereafter, I discovered the self-development field. 

Author and Wife

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, I am not a psychologist, I’m just a really good organizer who has spent over 46 years collecting, organizing and sharing practical self-help knowledge, in ways that only an anal-retentive, former C.P.A. could imagine.

My beloved wife Bryna, and business partner for much of our lives, passed in 2016, three weeks after our 50th anniversary, following a courageous battle with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, a terminal illness with no cure on the horizon. Never having had kids, I was her 24-7, full-time caregiver for the last years of her life. I was prepared to care for her for as long as she could have gone on. She was my life, my motivation, and my inspiration for writing this book.

For you romantics, we met on a Friday at a Beverly Hilton Hotel singles dance, got engaged three days later on Valentines Day, and married three weeks later in Vegas. We effectively dated more in those three weeks than most people do in months or even years. Mostly, we talked and talked and talked, about everything, on occasion, from morning to morning.

Believing we knew something about compatibility and making a marriage workBryna and I intended, early on, to someday write a book on relationships. We understood that a fulfilling relationship required work and a ton of communication. Our goal — help reduce the divorce rate, and save people from the heartache of saying, “If only I knew then what I know now.”

Although she is no longer here physically, I recently committed to fulfill our intention. With almost a half century of research on the subject of personal growth behind me, this 100+-page Relationship Compatibility Checklist is the result. Enjoy !


Mel Solon

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