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This book on life and relationships is based on my 47 years of research in the personal development field, plus lessons learned in my 50-year marriage to Bryna, often my active business partner. Bryna passed three weeks after our 50th anniversary following a courageous battle with ALS, with me as her 24-7 caregiver.

For you romantics, we met on a Friday at a singles dance at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, got engaged 3-days later, and married 3-weeks later in Vegas.

Specifically, this checklist is structured around hundreds of stimulating, thought-provoking questions covering 21-life-categories designed to help you do four things:

 Interview and profile yourself: Is your relationship with yourself compatible with the life you envision to live? Discover how unique you really are. Know yourself before deciding if you're compatible with someone else.

• Rethink past relationships: Understand why previous relationships didn't work. Put the past to bed. Hopefully you'll never again have to say, "If only I knew then what I know now."

• Evaluate a potential relationship: Determine if a potential relationship is likely to succeed or not. Discover and resolve differences before taking the plunge. Could this be the love of your life? Hopefully, but don't spend weeks, months, or years dating and vetting a relationship that may be doomed from the start.

• Assess a current relationship: Are you truly made for each other? Are you on the same page regarding your attitudes about life and relationships?  Or, is it time to discuss your compatibility, reconcile your differences, and make your relationship work even better?

Put simply, whether you’re in a relationship or not, or in the process of deciding, “is it time to move in, move out, or run for the hills,” this book will help you make decisions about your life and relationships with enlightened self-confidence.

 About the Author   —   Introduction To Checklist 

Save money, time & heartache!

1. Save Money: avoid the financial cost of divorce and the related costs of starting over.

2. Save Time: avoid wasting time dating and vetting an incompatible love interest.

3. Save Heartache: avoid the emotional turmoil often inherent in ending "bad" relationships.

Couple Sitting on the Beach


 The most comprehensive, helpful, fun, and easy to use Relationship Compatibility Checklist ever designed.  Its name speaks for itself, but it’s so much more.

The Thinker
Rodin’s “The Thinker”


Think, before you...

• begin or continue a dating relationship
• sign a lease with a roommate
• pick a life- or business partner
• move in with a love interest
• get engaged
• set a wedding date, or
• give up on a relationship


Hands Shaped Like a Heart

A practical tool to help you quickly and easily..

  • examine your relationship with yourself
  • rethink past relationships
  • evaluate a potential relationship
  • assess a current relationship.

Designed to help you decide…

• are you truly made for each other?
• is your relationship likely to succeed, or not?
• is your relationship due for a compatibility re-evaluation and/or reconciliation?
• is your relationship with yourself compatible with the life you envision to live?

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Includes free...
The Mighty Mind Expander
see below — a $10 value

About The Author

Introduction to Checklist

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Publications + The EPS

Relationship Compatibility Checklist — The Mighty Mind Expander
Quotations Book — Thinking Matters — The Thinkers Edge
EPS-Electronic Polling System

1. Relationship Compatibility Checklist

  • 100+ page book, over 550 short, easy to read entries, super-organized, categorized, and uniquely indexed for quick and easy reference.
  • A comprehensive list of talking points that people argue and fight about, sometimes end relationships over, and even divorce.
  • Based on 46 years of research in the self-development field.

About the Author & the Introduction To The Checklist

Favorite Testimonial

Barbara Solomon, Real Estate Broker

"This book about relationships is the most comprehensive guide to uncovering potential partnership issues due to differences in values, goals, needs or desires. Use this checklist to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with making poor relationship choices. Make it fun but get to the real issues of your potential partner's personality, and then decide, using the adult part of your brain, if you have enough in common to be in a fulfilling relationship, instead of discovering months or years later that you never really knew what you were getting into." 

Relationship Compatibility Checklist
See Description and Testimonial Above

(2nd edition, 1st printing)

$19.95 each + tax & postage. Buy two or more at the same time and save $5 on each additional book.

Includes a free download of The Mighty Mind Expander, a 90-minute, audio seminar—this is a condensation of my past 40-hour, live, motivational, personal development program.

Also includes The Thinkers Edge—a periodic email comprised of motivational, thought-provoking content.

Relationship Compatibility Checklist

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2. The Mighty Mind Expander  (3rd Edition)
A 90-minute audio seminar download — a condensation of our past, live, 40-hour, personal-development seminar — A $10 valueFREE with the purchase of the Relationship Compatibility Checklist.

It's about ageless wisdom, attitude, self-development, the thinker's edge, success, motivation, and premeditated happiness.

Favorite Testimonial

Charlie Cox, Team Gleason
"My name is Charlie. I am a 25-year-old young professional. When Mel first came to me about The Mighty Mind Expander, I was skeptical as I am of many preachy, self-improvement type seminars. After listening to the entire 90 minute program I was blown away.

Not only, does it not moralize, it doesn’t try to change the way you think. It will, however, put your thinking into clearer perspective.

The pacing was totally comfortable. His voice and timbre were calm and engaging, never forced. Being easy to listen to, and relevant to my day to day life, it not only helped me clarify my direction, it positively impacted my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spirituality.

In the last 5 years, I’ve listened to at least 40 audio self-help products. This is by far the most helpful and most relevant of them all."

Click to see more reviews, or scroll down

Click here to hear Bryna’s introduction to this mind-expanding, thinking experience, recorded shortly after she started to lose her voice.

"A mind once expanded by a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 

with purchase of the Relationship Compatibility Checklist

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$10 if purchased separately

Click here to order separately.

3. Our Quotations Book
See Video Presentation

Quotations To Help You—From Out of Their Minds may be the most extraordinarily useful and usable book of quotations that you and your mind could ever benefit from. Comprised of 8,540 quotations of ageless wisdom, this hard-bound book of coffee-table quality, is like thousands of psychology, philosophy, and self-help books all rolled into one. Click to see reviews.



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4. Thinking Matters
Articles I wrote for The Thinker’s Edge.

Titles include:
• Conquering the Fear of Criticism
• Being Unique vs. Feeling Unique
• Instant Coffee & Pyramids
• The Upside of Selfishness



5. The Thinker's Edge

Our motivational, thought-provoking newsletter, free for now.

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6. EPS — Electronic Polling System
Polling Sessions — Use to conduct live, dynamic, real-time, secure, anonymous, honest, fun, polling sessions. Classroom up to 45 participants, conference table, up to 10 participants. More


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The Mighty Mind Expander
Bryna's inspiring and uplifting introduction.

Free with purchase of the Relationship Compatibility Checklist

I loved it. It made my heart smile.
Carmela D.

Unbelievable testament to the
power of positive thinking and a life affirming attitude.
Tobey D.



Success Motivation Happiness, Lou Gehrig's Disease,  Self Help Seminar, Book of Quotations, The Thinking Mind, Ageless Wisdom

The Mighty Mind Expander

Erine Babanyan
Medical Social Worker — Helping Hands Hospice 
The Mighty Mind Expander helped me stop worrying about the little things that preoccupied my mind. It also helped me think about my needs and re-consider my priorities beyond the frustrations and problems involved in daily routines. Thanks for the tools and inspiration you have provided in this mini but mighty seminar. I am truly amazed with your ability to remain so positive during this difficult time for you. Your personal example is the greatest proof of what's discussed in this audio seminar." 

Margaret Price
Administrator — Social Security Administration

"Lately, I've been working and living in a world where I'm surrounded by stress and pressure. Because I like to handle things on my own and not burden others for support and guidance, I turned to The Mighty Mind Expander. It not only offered support in helping to restore me and bring me back on track but, believe it or not, it's actually de-stressed me by helping me tune out the negativity that comes my way while at work."

Martha Fritz
Master of Architecture & Fine Arts
Owner/Director —
Creations Fine Art & Design
"The important thing about The Mighty Mind Expander is that it is comprehensive and short. It puts life in perspective in record time, harnessing the energy and ideas of the contemporary self-help movement in just ninety minutes. Its practical healing reminders for achieving personal growth are easily accessible and valuable to anyone and everyone, from teenagers to grandmas, from social workers to salespeople. It will set you back on track for meeting life's challenges with renewed enjoyment and confidence."

Geno Allen
"Brilliant! Inspirational and motivational. More helpful in 90 minutes than a three-day self-help seminar. It's bound to move even the most diehard skeptics. Bravo!"

Steve Mason
President — Mason Enterprises LLC 
"Wow! The Mighty Mind Expander is like an owner's manual, repair manual, and a toolbox all in one to help people build and maintain their minds and their lives. Combined with your book, Quotations To Help You, your total package is more than amazing."

Tobey Dodge
Wedding Business Consultant
The Wedding Connection by Tobey Dodge 
"Fabulous! The Mighty Mind Expander is packed full of ageless wisdom and practical advice for the people who want to elevate their attitude and increase their success quotient. It's especially relevant for people who are overloaded with responsibilities and pressures to compete in an ever increasingly competitive world. As a self-help junkie for many years, reading, attending conferences and seminars, I have to say that the most valuable experiences I have had have come from The Thinking Place. Along with their book Quotations to Help You, I can't think of a better one-two punch for anyone interested in accelerating their continuing education in personal growth. Mel and Bryna, you have done it again. Bravo!"

Zackaria Movahedi
3rd-Year Dean's List Math Student & Tutor
"The Mighty Mind Expander" has made a huge impact on my life in a short period of time. Not only has it been highly valuable in helping me stay organized and manage my time, it has helped me change my outlook on life and given me the confidence that I can get through any circumstance." 

Thomas E. Ziemann
Author "T
he Department of Zenitation"
"As a seeker of truth and a life-long, dedicated spiritual philosophy student, I take great delight when I happen upon hearing messages of hope, timeless wisdom and positive reinforcement. This is what The Mighty Mind Expander delivers. Even his description of his book has lofty pearls strung throughout its content. It's deep, meaty, thoroughly thought provoking and poignant. Another home run!"

Bill & Joan Mason
Business Owners, Managers & Instructors
"We first experienced your Why Not Seminar over 40 years ago. So impressed, we came back twice and brought a number of our young adult children with us.  They, too, have benefited and have grown stronger, formed good relationships, and raised happy families. Today, no one can attend your Why Not Seminar, but they can expand their mind and build a better life by downloading The Mighty Mind Expander and listening to your thoughts. Today, as we are reminded of what benefits we have reaped from your information, we are gifting several grandchildren with The Mighty Mind Expander.  Thanks and thanks and ever thanks.”

Expand your mind.

This unique website will not only motivate and inspire you, it will also help you…

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• de-stress
• get organized
• clear your mind
• rethink what you think
• refine your unique edge
• unleash your creativity
• re-energize and re-focus
• expand your awareness
• overcome procrastination
• upgrade your state of mind
• become more self-confident
• develop your psychological resilience
• handle criticism and rejection more intelligently
• discover the key to premeditated happiness
• solve problems and make decisions more wisely
• manage relationship conflicts more effectively
• handle failures and disappointments like a mensch

Before you know it, you’ll be thinking like a professional motivator or life coach, the kind of person you'd want around in a crisis, someone who thinks clearly, calmly, rationally, goal-directedly, and optimistically.


1. ABOUT WHY NOT? PUBLICATIONS: Founded in 1971- Publisher of our past 40-hour live program the Why Not? Seminar — Compiler/Author of our book Quotations To Help You —From Out of Their Minds — Publisher of Relationship Compatibility Checklist and our newsletter The Thinker's Edge, plus — Author of The Mighty Mind Expander, an audio mini-seminar and In Pursuit of a Miracle, an audio-visual love story. 

Our products provide inexpensive convenient and effective ways to help you become more of the person you idealize yourself to be. The Mighty Mind Expander is an extremely condensed summary of what self-development is all about. So comprehensive and thought provoking, most listeners think there's enough content here to fill an entire one-day or even a full-weekend seminar. It's your portal to new beginnings.

For more reviews on The Mighty Mind Expander, plus reviews from participants of our past, 40-hour, live seminar, click here.

2. Thank you in advance for your donation to the ALS and MD Associations. While you didn't get a bucket of ice dumped on your head, don't hesitate to do so if an Ice Bucket Challenge comes to your area.


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